Jamie Kennedy, PhD

Email: jlk73@drexel.edu

Jamie was a BS/PhD student in the Nanophotonics Group. She enjoys engineering education and being awesome. 

Jamie received her PhD in electrical engineering at Drexel University, where she also completed her B.S. in electrical engineering. She worked with conductive fabrics in knitted robotics. A majority of her research has included work in electromagnetics with a concentration in magnetic nanoparticles. Other past research projects incorporated conductive inks, printed antennas, and fiber optics. She has served as a teaching assistant for two years in the undergraduate sophomore engineering labs and is passionate about teaching. She became a National Science Foundation GK-12 Fellow and is now working in high school classrooms using project-based learning to teach engineering. Improving engineering education is her goal as she intends to pursue a career in academia.

Knitbots, Technology Education