Carbon Nano-Pipettes for single cell study

Why Study CNPs and their application on cells?

Variation of individual cells within a population and along with time made single cell studies both attractive and necessary to researchers. Minimally intrusive probe are required for long-term experiments on single cells, especially for intercellular interrogation. Carbon nano-material with their unique properties are excellent candidates for multi-task robotic intracellular probes. 

Grouped with Dr. Yury Gogotsi (MSE), Dr. Gary Friedman (ECE) , Dr. Zulfiya Orybayeva (Dept. of Surgery),  we were working on a carbon nanopipette cellular probes that capable of collect a variety of informations such as optical, electrical and chemical signals. In addition, we used these probes for transfering tiny amounts of fluids and molecular materials in a highly localized region for analyzing or stimulating a variety of responses at the level of individual cells and even sub-cellular organelles.


What is a Carbon Nano-Pipette (CNP)?

Carbon Nano-pipette is a carbon layer deposited glass pipette with a carbon tip of 20-200nm in diameter.
We use this lab-made pipette as a minimally intrusive single cell investigation probe that could carry out multiple intracellular measurements. 

Intracellular Injection

Intracellular Injection