Ben Pelleg, PhD

Email:   bep26@drexel.edu

Ben Pelleg earned his PhD in Electrical Engineering from Drexel in 2014. He earned a B.S. degree in applied and engineering physics from Cornell University in 2008. Ben's graduate research focused on nanophotonics, specifically holographic polymer dispersed liquid crystals. In addition to his technical interests, Ben has also acted as an NSF GK-12 fellow and taught science, math, and engineering to students in the School District of Philadelphia. Ben's work has led to various publications and presentations at national and international conferences. In his free time Ben plays ultimate Frisbee and enjoys cooking and eating.

Ben’s PhD research included the study of holographic polymer dispersed liquid crystals and other polymer/liquid crystal devices. Ben's research has led to work on applications in fields including displays, spectroscopy, imaging, and light filtering. The main goal of Ben's work is to fully understand how light interacts with H-PDLCs in terms of light reflections, scattering, and absorption.