About our lab

Engineering innovators.


Our research in the area of nanophotonics is focused on the nanoscale interaction of light with matter. This includes liquid crystal / polymer composites for gratings, lenses and HOEs; liquid crystal interactions with surfaces and in confined nanospaces, such as carbon nanotubes; and alternative energy generation through novel photon interactions.

Collaborative Space

The Materials for Electronic Smart Systems (MESS) facility represents a unique inter-disciplinary collaboration among faculty with research interests ranging between such diverse topics such as wireless communications, optics, robotics, entertainment engineering, and functional fabrics for the Internet of Things. The facility is a $5M, 10,000 sq. foot area within one block of 30th street train station in Philadelphia, a major transportation hub in the northeast corridor. The facility houses the Drexel Wireless Systems Laboratory (DWSL), Music and Entertainment Technology (MET) Lab, Nanophotonics Lab, and Opto-Electro-Mechanical Lab.


Adam Fontecchio, PhD
Director, Drexel NanoPhotonics+ Lab

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